5 Reasons You May Need an Immigration Lawyer

In the US, legal help for immigration related matters can be provided in any state, as immigration law is handled on a federal level. Sometimes, simple immigration cases can be successfully handled without help from a lawyer, but here are 5 instances where you may want to work with an immigration lawyer:


Applying for A Green Card

The conditions for which the US government will grant you a green card is always changing. These changes can often pose challenges when you are trying to gain your own green card or other benefits related to immigration. Immigration lawyers are required to keep up with these changes and can work with you to evaluate all options. Some determinations an immigration lawyer can help you with are whether or not you will need any waivers, whether or not you are eligible to apply for residence inside the US or whether or not you will need to apply for an immigrant visa outside the United States at a consulate. Occasionally there are risks involved in applying, and a good immigration attorney can help you decide whether or not it make sense to take the risk. Occasionally the best option is to do nothing, and a good immigration attorney will be honest with you if he/she thinks you should not move forward with your case. It is always important to have a full consult with a reputable immigration attorney before applying for any immigration benefit.

Processing Asylum Requests

Whether you are seeking asylum because your life is threatened in your home country or because you have been persecuted for political reasons, it is in your best interest to seek the help of an immigration attorney. Political asylum is a very complicated area of law and the approval rate can be low in some instances. It is very important to have a skilled immigration attorney help you tell your story and represent you in your proceedings, whether you are applying with the USCIS or in front of an immigration judge. A skilled Immigration attorney will know how to fit your story under the law to give you the best chance of your application being approved. The approval rate for asylum application who move forward without attorneys is extremely low – next to zero in some areas of the country and in front of some judges. A reputable immigration attorney will be honest with you about whether or not you have a good chance of winning your case. If you consult with an immigration attorney about an asylum case and he/she promises you that the case will be approved, you should go somewhere else. Look for someone who will give you an honest assessment. False promises are just that…false promises.

Visa Processing

Immigration law and procedures can be very complex, especially for someone who didn’t grow up in our legal system and for whom English may not be his/her first language. Even most U.S. Citizens don’t have any clue how immigration law works in this country. If you will be processing your visa through a consulate or embassy somewhere around the world, it is important to have representation. A good immigration attorney can make sure your application is completely in order and can be available to you in case you face any roadblocks in the process. Throughout the whole immigration process, they will also make sure you avoid unneeded costs and grief, ensuring that the process runs smoothly.

Deportation Defense

It is important to already have an immigration attorney in mind so that if you are ever picked up by ICE, you have someone to call. If you have already had a consult with an immigration attorney, he or she may already have your information on file, so it will be much easier for that attorney to represent you. Being picked up by ICE is one of the most stressful things that a family can go through, and it is important to have a good immigration attorney on your side as you navigate the process. A good immigration attorney will be able to help you apply for a bond if ICE doesn’t set one, or apply to lower the bond if ICE sets it out of your financial reach. A reputable immigration attorney will be honest with you regarding the viability of your options to remedy your situation in front of the immigration court.

Request for Evidence

If you have been applying for an immigration benefit on your own and you receive a request for additional evidence, it is time to consult with an immigration attorney. Your application is in danger of being denied, which could lead to deportation proceedings. Sometimes it is much better to spend some money now and avoid major stress in your life than spend a lot of money later when your case is now in front of an immigration judge. Better yet, seek representation from the beginning and you are much less likely to have a huge headache later on in your case.


If you receive a denial for an immigration benefit, you absolutely need to consult with a good a reputable immigration attorney. In many cases, a case can only be appealed within 30 days of the denial, so don’t wait. Start looking now.

Do You Require the Help of An Immigration Lawyer?

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